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THE  SHOW MUST GO ON! We do NOT plan on canceling any of this weekend’s shows. If there is a situation where a show is closed, all ticket purchasers will be emailed.

DC Shorts WINS! are special showcases of award-winning films from previous DC Shorts — and a few that we wished we had programmed. Some of the films have Academy Award connections — short-list candidates, nominees — and Oscar® winners. All of the films have won accolades worldwide. Tickets are $15 per showcase. Shows run 90 minutes, and are appropriate for ages 18+.

Schedule of Events

Two shows, both showing two nights:
Fri., Feb. 20, 2015 — 7:30pm (show A) & 9:30pm (show B) Buy Tickets
Sat. Feb. 21, 2015 — 7:30pm (show B) & 9:30pm (show A) Buy Tickets

Show A - Fri, Feb 20 @ 7:30pm and Sat., Feb. 21 @ 9:30pm Buy Tickets

What Cheer?

19 minutes | Comedy | USA | Director: Michael Slavens
WINNER: Filmmakers’ Favorite

Struggling to overcome the death of his wife, a man is tormented by a cheerful marching band that follows him seemingly everywhere.

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6 minutes | Animation | USA | Director: Bernardo Britto
WINNER: Outstanding Animated Short

With the end of the world right around the corner, a man is asked to write the final pages of recorded human history.

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Between Walls

13 minutes | Comedy | Norway | Director: Christina Lande

A family tries to hide their smoking habits from each other until it becomes a problem they can’t ignore.

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Business Usual

10 minutes | Drama | Germany | Director: Lenn Kudrjawizki

Passengers on an airplane struggle to stay grounded when an Arab man boards the flight.

One-Minute Time Machine

6 minutes | Comedy | USA | Director: Devon Avery

Hoping to impress a pretty girl, a nerdy scientist shows off his one-minute time machine.

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7 minutes | Comedy | USA | Director: Brett Weiner

A lawyer becomes enraged with a public servant who is unable to answer questions.


4 minutes | Comic Drama | Germany | Director: Karolis Spinkis
WINNER: Outstanding First-Time Director

A couple seeks to change the world with, of all things, shoelaces.

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He’s a Fighter

7 minutes | Documentary | USA | Director: Oliver Contreras
WINNER: Outstanding Local Film

Born prematurely to a drug-addicted mother, an honor student rises above his circumstances to become an undefeated boxer.

Lambing Season

15 minutes | Drama | USA/Ireland | Director: Jeannie Donohoe

A woman searches for her father and learns about life, forgiveness and also how one must deal with family problems.

Show B - Fri, Feb. 20 @ 9:30pm and Sat., Feb 21 @ 7:30pm Buy Tickets

The Gunfighter

9 minutes | Comedy | USA | Director: Eric Kissack

A gunfighter walks into a saloon, but the film’s voiceover has other goals in mind.

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15 minutes | Drama | Belgium | Director: Kevin Meul
WINNER: Outstanding Live Action Short

Pushed by his coach/father, a young runner eventually lashes out at the least expected moment.

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The Silly Bastard Next to the Bed

9 minutes | Documentary | United Kingdom | Director: Scott Calonico
WINNER: Outstanding Documentary Short

A retired Air Force officer realizes he was at the center of a huge political scandal during the Kennedy administration.

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My Milk Cup Cow

11 minutes | Animation | Japan | Director: Yantong Zhu

Reflecting on her youth, a woman recalls stories of her father.


10 minutes | Drama | Spain | Director: Miguel Parra

The job of a collections agent suddenly becomes personal and causes her to reevaluate the humanity in her profession.

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The Chaperone

14 minutes | Animation | Canada | Director: Fraser Munden
WINNER: Festival Programmer’s Choice

When a motorcycle gang crashes a school dance, there’s only one person who can restore order: the chaperone.

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They are Last

4 minutes | Documentary | Spain | Director: Diego Vivanco
WINNER: Special Jury Mention for Excellence in Storytelling

A day in the life of a lighthouse keeper on a remote cape off the Uruguayan coastline.

This is Me

6 minutes | Documentary | USA | Director: Jasper Colt
WINNER: Special Jury Mention for Importance in Storytelling

Balinda shares her story of how medical marijuana has changed her life.

Love Notes

16 minutes | Drama | Australia | Director: Leo Baker

Two blind neighbors discover each other through a shared musical interlude that shapes their path to happiness.

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U.S Navy Memorial Heritage Center — Burke Theater

701 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

In the heart of Penn Quarter, the U.S. Navy Memorial Burke Theater 240-seat theater inside the Heritage Center offers pristine HD projection and unparalleled sound.

The U. S. Navy Memorial is located above the Archives/Penn Quarter Metro station. Exit the station, turn right and follow the curve of the sidewalk until you see the entrance. You must enter from the Plaza — there is no access from the 7th Street entrance.

While there is garage parking nearby, we recommend checking for the closing time — some lots shut down before the last show will end (11:30pm). Limited metered street parking is available.

There is a Capital Bikeshare rack a block away from the theater.